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Claim Procedures

Let us help reduce your stress level after a loss. Report your loss through any of the following means and let us get to work for you: • Visit or call any of our office and our claim representatives will happily walk you through the process • Notify us online by completing the form • Notify your agent or broker
You can report your claim online if you are: • 18+ and listed on our policy, or • An individual whose auto or property was damaged by a VINSURE policyholder, or • An insurance professional/company representative involved in a claim with a VINSURE policyholder.
If you've been involved in a vehicular accident you'll need to provide the following information: • Make, model and license plate number of vehicle(s) involved • Name, address and insurance details of the drivers • Description of the damage including whether there were any injured parties • Time and location of the incident • Name(s) and information of witnesses Do not admit liability. After you report the accident, you'll need to bring your vehicle in for a damage review before any further action can be taken. If you are unable to drive your vehicle, please arrange to have it towed. Non-VINSURE customers: An investigation into the accident must be completed before any action can be taken.
Not a VINSURE customer? Not a problem, we'll help you get back on the road. If you were in an accident with a VINSURE customer, there are two ways you can file a claim. 1) File through Your Own Insurer The easiest way to file a claim is through your own insurance carrier. Just let your carrier know what happened and we'll work with them to determine who is at fault and what the next steps are. Your insurance company can notify us of a claim by completing the online form on our website on your behalf. 2) File through VINSURE Use any of the reporting methods listed in the Resource section on our Notify us of a Claim page to file your claim through VINSURE. Here's how the process works: 1. File your claim: When you notify us of a claim one of our representatives will contact you. 2. Our investigation: We'll conduct our investigation into the accident. This will determine who is at fault and how your claim will be settled. 3. Review next steps: When our investigation is done, a claims representative will contact you to review the next steps. These steps will vary depending on who was found to be at fault.
Property insurance claims can vary in severity- from theft to storm damage. Our goal is to restore you to your former position as quickly as possible} regardless of the type of claim. We’ve listed some tips and information below to guide you through the claim process: Report the Claim Once your property is safe} you can report your claim using any of the reporting methods listed in the Resource section on our Notify us of a Claim page. Ensure that you provide the following information: • What caused the incident • Date of incident • Description of the damage/loss to your property • List of damaged or missing personal items After you report the claim} we'll need to inspect your property. One of our claims representatives will contact you to make the necessary arrangements. You can help us by taking photos of the damage and making them available to the claims representative.
VINSURE applies a basaic 5-step process for handling claims. Whether you’ve been involved in a multiple car pile-up or a fender bender, or experienced a fire, burst pipe or natural disaster, or an on­the-job injury, we follow the same process to see every claim through from start to finish. Here's what we do: 1. Assign the Claim When we receive your claim, we assign it to a claims professional. We may assign multiple representatives and external independent professionals based on the complexity of your claim; this is to ensure that the necessary expertise is used to keep our promise of a fair settlement. 2. Make Contact Our claims professional will contact you to: • Gather facts surrounding your loss • Review your coverage • Explain how your claim will be handled • Schedule an in-person appointment 3. Assess and Evaluate Your claims professional will then: • Determine whether the loss is covered • Inspect and document damage • Interview witnesses or other involved individuals • Take photos and samples (if needed) • Obtain reports from relevant third parties • Evaluate your claim 4. Conclude and Resolve We aim to resolve your claim in a fast and fair manner. This would result in either of the following: • A payment being made; or • An explanation regarding why there would be no payment in relation to your claim 5. Close the Claim Once we've concluded and resolved your claim under the terms of the relevant policy, we close the claim.