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VINSURE Individual Plan

VINSURE has created a suite of comprehensive as well as supplementary individual medical plans to address whatever you and your family may need: Turquoise, Emerald, Gold and Platinum. These plans provide you with coverage locally as well as internationally.

Some of the key features and benefits associated with these policies include:

  • Coverage up to $2Million Platinum, $1Million Gold, $500K Emerald and $250K Turquoise
  • Varied deductibles of $200, $500 & $1,000 with 100% no deductible policies in some instances
  • Optional dental and vision benefits with limits tailored to suit your needs
  • Minimum acceptance age of 18-65 years with dependent children coverage up to age 24 for children attending a tertiary level institution
  • Common-law benefit extended to relationships of only 3 years
  • Access to local and overseas provider networks such as UHC

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